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Strawberry Quartz | Happiness

Strawberry Quartz | Happiness

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Strawberry Quartz is like the Marie Kondo of the crystal world. I can hear her saying, "But does it bring you joy"? If I'm holding Strawberry Quartz, the answer is a resounding YES!

This Stone of Joy can heal your heart, help you celebrate, and ground you in positivity. It can help you embrace happiness and see the good around you. If you find yourself drowning in negative thoughts, focusing your energy on Strawberry Quartz can help you turn that around. It's a wonderful reminder to seek out the positive, to smile, to love, to be overjoyed and grateful for the gifts in your life.

Strawberry Quartz can help with depression and allows you to focus on simple pleasures instead of being overwhelmed by the larger picture. It can remind you to laugh, to celebrate, and to smile, which can help bring about profound mental and physical changes.

Mantra when focusing on  your Strawberry Quartz:
“Show me the joy in my life. Help me focus on happiness. Aid me in smiling more easily. Let me laugh more often.”

Not feeling its power anymore?

Time to cleanse and recharge it! Smudge your crystal with sage or run it under clean water.  Have a river or stream nearby? Even better! Allow it to dry in the sun.

Comes in a small, black gauze bag, complete with tiny, paper scroll filled with the information you see here. 

Strawberry Quartz comes in both Pocket Size and House Size.