Hi! I'm Vanessa, owner, crafter, and dragon tamer here at Vintage Alchemy.

What's Alchemy, you wonder? Alchemy is a “seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.” Vintage Alchemy is my art of combining ancient recipes in new and magickal ways to promote healthier living.

Through Vintage Alchemy, I sell handcrafted artisan products such as organic soaps, candles, bath and beauty products, essential oil blends, perfume and cologne oils, teas, incense, organic lip balms, and aromatherapy creations. My products are infused with positive energy, the feel of nature, and a little magick. 

It was born out of my personal need for high quality, natural products that I could feel good about using on my skin and in my home.

As a creative, eclectic house witch and herbalist, I decided to make a few items for myself. It wasn’t long after that when my momma asked me to conjure up a few recipes for her needs and my product list started to grow. When my husband's goatee became unruly, I created a beard oil. When I decided to stick with natural perfumes, my product list grew again. When I found out what toxic chemicals were in mass produced candles and soaps, you guessed it, I started to make my own. If I find a need, and I love making it, I create it!

Located in the small farming town of Goshen, on the outskirts of Stone Harbor NJ, I create in my 1820’s farmhouse surrounded by positive energy, lush gardens, and serenity. If I can grow it myself for my products, I do. I make things I’m passionate about and things I truly enjoy creating.

My products are handcrafted in small batches and checked for quality to ensure you are getting the very best. If I won’t have it in my own home, I won’t ask you to put it in yours.

It’s my hope that you love my products as much as I do! Please help spread the word of Vintage Alchemy to your family and friends. I’d be honored to share my magick with them as well. 

Much love 💕 ~ Vanessa