black tea bergamot solid dish soap

Solid Dish Soap Block | Black Tea Bergamot

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Say goodbye to those grocery store dish soaps, made of chemicals and water. My Solid Dish Soap Blocks are made with organic oils and infused with high quality essential oil fragrance blends. They are so simple to use! Just rub a dish cloth or scrub brush against the bar and wash your dishes like normal. 


7oz Bar | Vegan | Palm Free | Plastic Free

*Ceramic dish shown in the video is no longer included with this set.
If you're looking for more than the included cedar soap lift,
I'd recommend the silicone draining soap dishes.


Create suds by rubbing the Solid Dish Soap with a scrub brush or loofah sponge. Wash dishes as normal and rinse. For best results, use warm water. The more friction you create, the more luxurious the lather.


Approx. 7oz


  • Formulated only for dishes. Can be drying if used as a body soap.
  • Depending on fragrance blend, there may be variations in hue.
  • Allow soap to dry completely between uses for longest life.
  • Never let soap sit in water.
  • Plastic, Palm, & Petroleum Free
  • Zero Waste & Eco Friendly
  • Antibacterial
  • Saves Money & More Lather
  • Do not use in dishwashers


Saponified Organic Oils of Coconut and Castor, Fragrance *Some varieties include clays and all natural botanicals to make beautiful hues.