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Smudge Nuggs | Variety

Smudge Nuggs | Variety

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Since ancient times, ritual cleansing has utilized sacred herbs, resins, and woods deemed to possess powerful energetic properties. They are believed to help improve mood, reduce stress, and even enhance sleep quality, while assisting in banishing negativity and fostering a positive atmosphere. 

Smudge Nuggs are handmade smudge nuggets made with resins, charcoal, woods, and herbs that you use just like a smudge stick. Simply place the nugget into a burn proof vessel, light it, and let it smoke away. They will burn for 5 to 10 minutes before extinguishing themselves out.

Lavender Moon - Purification, Anxiety and Stress Relief

Orange Peel - Purification, Calming, Grounding

Rose Wood - Passion and Love

Qty 1 | Comes with an instruction card

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Lavender Moon - Pine Wood, Charcoal, Frankincense Resin, Lavender, Natural Binder, Salt

Orange Peel - Pine Wood, Charcoal, Frankincense Resin, Orange Peel, Natural Binder, Salt

Rose WoodPine Wood, Charcoal, Frankincense Resin, Rose Petals, Natural Binder, Salt


Before cleansing, set your intention and envision the desired outcome. In my experience, I smudge my living space weekly and my property monthly. My intention is to displace unwanted energies. Additionally, I recommend opening windows while smudging to allow smoke to disperse, and if comfortable, to recite a mantra. Over the years, I've favored the phrase, 'Anything negative must go. Only love and light may remain.'

To Smudge, simply light the nugget to create a smoldering smoke. This smoke can then be directed around your body and into the space you wish to cleanse by simply waving your hand in front of it or directing it with a feather. Always make sure to burn the nuggets in a burn proof vessel. Pay special attention to areas where negative energy can coalesce like corners, closets, and under open stairs. Nuggs will self extinguish within 5-10 minutes.