natural soap saver bag
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soap saver for handmade soap
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Soap Saver Bag | Natural Fiber

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Natural Sisal Soap Saver Bags are an ideal way to store your Vintage Alchemy Soaps, allowing them to dry between uses. Sisal is a 100% natural fiber made from the agave plant that is highly sustainable, making it a great alternative to plastic shower sponges. It also provides a light exfoliating experience while creating a luxurious lather. Use your soap to the very end and never waste an ounce.


Simply place your soap in the pouch and use like a washcloth. Hang in the shower when you're done. This allows your soap to dry out between uses, extending its life.

When the soap gets low, simply pop in another bar and they will meld together. You'll never waste another ounce of soap again!

For even more lather, wet the bag at the start of each use and pull the bag away from the dried soap.

It's recommended to replace your bag every 4 weeks. You can toss them in your washing machine as well!