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Bliss incense resin is a shop favorite! Its delightful blend of Woody Citrus aromas works wonders in dispelling negative energy and inviting positivity. Crafted with a combination of Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal resins, it is further enhanced with the richness of Sandalwood and Amber. Additionally, it features the soothing essence of Lavender, the subtle sweetness of Sugar, and the zest of Orange Peel. To complete this aromatic masterpiece, it has an added touch of Cinnamon, the delicate allure of Rose Petals, and a captivating, sweet aromatic oil.

1.2oz | For use with charcoal discs


Light charcoal disc and place a a pinch of resin on top for smudging. Always use charcoal disc in a proper heat resistant charcoal incense burner.