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Flourite | Balance

Flourite | Balance

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Flourite can help with balance of both a physical and mental nature. Working with coordination and focus, Flourite helps us remember to push and pull, to give and take, creating harmony and balance. It increased our ability to concentrate, promotes self confidence and facilitates in helping us make decisions.

Mantra when focusing on  your Flourite.

“Help me attain balance and confidence. Aid me in my decision making. Help me focus.”

Not feeling its power anymore?

Time to cleanse it! Smudge your crystal with sage or run it under clean water.
Have a river or stream nearby? Even better! Allow it to dry in the sun.

Comes in a small, black gauze bag, complete with tiny, paper scroll filled with the information you see here. 

Comes in 2 sizes: Pocket size is perfect to keep with you at all times while House size is great for around your home.