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Crystals and Stones | Variety
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Crystals and Stones | Variety

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The first writings surrounding Crystals and Stones date back as far as 400 BC with the Ancient Sumerians.  They held the belief that certain crystals and precious stones had the ability to emit certain types of energies. They were used for healing, to combat negativity, and provide protection. These beliefs were carried through to the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans, and Native Americans.

Available in Pocket Size and House Size, each comes in its own drawstring bag along with a write up about its properties and guidelines on how to use it.

The statements contained in this collection have not been evaluated by the FDA. Neither Vintage Alchemy nor its products are intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any disease or illness. If you are struggling with mental health, please contact a physician.


Amethyst  (Healing) has both physical and emotional healing properties as it reminds us to have balanced emotions and a calm mind. From a spiritual perspective, it keeps us in touch with the divine and helps us stay relaxed in times of stress. On a physical level, amethysts aid in sobriety, may help migraines, and give a boost to our immune systems. 

Black Tourmaline (Protection) is your Ultimate Protector. Place near your door, inside or out, in your car, or carry it with you. Great for cleansing bad juju and negative vibes. Provides strong shielding. When rubbed, it creates a positive and negative side, like a magnet. Black Tourmaline is like a sponge. Negative energy or thoughts  bringing you down? Hand it over to the tourmaline and allow it to absorb it and cleanse it away from you.

Flourite (Balance) can help with balancing physical, emotional, and mental states. Working with coordination and focus, Flourite helps us remember to push and pull, to give and take, creating harmony and balance. It can increase our ability to concentrate, promote self confidence and facilitate in helping us make rational decisions rooted in balance.

Green Aventurine (Prosperity) known as the Stone of Opportunity, is helpful with creating wealth, prosperity, and luck. Going to the casino? Take this stone with you! Looking for that little extra help when it comes to nailing a job interview? Have this stone in your pocket. Any chance there is for positive opportunity, let Green Aventurine take that journey with you. It can help boost confidence, bring optimism, shed bad habits, and empower you to embrace change. 

Lapis Lazuli (Truth) is a stone associated with the Third Eye Chakra. It's through Lapis Lazuli that we can uncover truths, become more self aware, gain insight into issues that may be plaguing us, and invoke understanding. This Stone of Truth can deepen relationships and stimulate your intellectual and intuitive abilities. We have the power to see what is true. Lapis Lazuli just helps us get back in touch with this power. Be aware, as things may come to light that you don't wish to see but that you will no longer be able to deny.

Obsidian (Grounding) has intense grounding abilities while also being extremely protective. It works to shield you from negative energy but also is a great conduit to help you release negativity that you may be carrying. This stone is very helpful while meditating as it can enhance boost intuitive gifts. It can also make you aware of things in your life that need to be addressed and potentially changes within yourself that need to be made. 

Rough cut Obsidian is extremely sharp and should be handled with caution at all times.

Pyrite (Luck)  is known as the Stone of Luck! Helping to aid in attracting prosperity and abundance, Pyrite can also help you direct creative energies. Let it light a fire in your soul as it clears out cobwebs and allows you to reach your full potential.

Rose Quartz (Love) is the heart stone. It represents love, compassion, tenderness, healing, and peace. It works not only to attract new love in your life but also solidify your current relationships, creating deeper and stronger bonds between people. It can also aid in healing relationships that have been broken and can provide you with the compassion needed to move past emotional trauma. It can even serve as a reminder to love yourself. Consider giving it as a gift to someone you care about.

Strawberry Quartz (Happiness) is like the Marie Kondo of the crystal world. I can hear her saying, "But does it bring you joy"? If I'm holding Strawberry Quartz, the answer is a resounding YES! This Stone of Joy can heal your heart, help you celebrate, and ground you in positivity. It can help you embrace happiness and see the good around you. If you find yourself drowning in negative thoughts, focusing your energy on Strawberry Quartz can help you turn that around. It's a wonderful reminder to seek out the positive, to smile, to love, to be overjoyed and grateful for the gifts in your life. Strawberry Quartz can help with depression and allows you to focus on simple pleasures instead of being overwhelmed by the larger picture. Let it serve as a reminder to laugh, to celebrate, and to smile, which can bring about profound change.