turquoise beaded bracelet with seashell charms
turquoise stretch bracelet
Beaded Bracelet | Turquoise | Seashell
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Beaded Bracelet | Turquoise | Seashell

Beaded Bracelet | Turquoise | Seashell

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Known as the Stone of Ancients, turquoise represents good fortune, hope, and tranquility. It has strong protective qualities and is often associated with wisdom.

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All bracelets are made to fit the most popular size of 7” however if you’d prefer another size, simply add a note at check out.

An easy way to measure your wrist is by using a string and a ruler. Add a ½” for a snug fit or 1” for a looser fit. If your bracelet doesn't fit or the cord ever breaks, simply send it back to me and I'd be happy to resize it or restring it for you.


8mm Turquoise, 8mm Howlite, and Seashell charms. Seashells represent love and eternal life. They are often used to remember those who have passed and give comfort knowing that even though one's life journey is complete, the after life is forever.