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Bamboo Scrub Brush

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All Natural Scrub Brushes  are great alternatives to plastic dish brushes. Say goodbye to micro plastics! They work hard to get rid of stuck on food and heavy stains. They can be used on cast iron pots and even non-stick pans (just be more gentle).  

Made with a Moso Bamboo handle that is naturally antibacterial, this brush is 100% compostable. Its plant fiber bristles are made from agave fiber coupled with palmyra fiber and sealed with wood coating.


Plastic brushes shed micro plastics that eventually end up in our oceans. These tiny plastics are then eaten by marine life and end up back in our food chain. 

Moso bamboo is known as giant bamboo and is often used as timber. It's highly sustainable due to how quickly and voracious it grows.

The agave plant fibers are grown, harvested, and sun-dried using traditional techniques to ensure a strong, high quality bristle.


To reduce cracking, do not submerge your bamboo handle in water and allow to dry between uses. You can also oil your handle if  you regularly submerge your brush.

If your bristles are not staying dry between uses, you can dip your bristles in vinegar to kill any lingering bacteria.

When your bristles stop working, compost or bury your scrub brush in your garden to allow it to decompose naturally and enrich your soil.