The Artisan's Journal

  • The Benefits of Lemon Oil

    Lately, I've been drawn to all the wonderful benefits of using Lemon Oil. I've been so pulled toward it, I even added a little extra touch of light lemon to my new Farmhouse Cold Process Soap, White Rose. It turned out fabulous!
  • See How It's Made

    I started making videos of me creating my products as a way for me to document my personal journey with Vintage Alchemy. It wasn't until friends started asking me how I made my creations, that it dawned on me that other people might be interested in seeing how my products are actually made as well. 
  • Winter Solstice and Garden Clean Up

    What is the Winter Solstice and how you can pay homage to your garden before it sleeps for Winter.
  • It's Time for Fall Garden Clean Up!

    When it comes to Fall Garden Clean Up, here's a few things to be mindful of.
  • Custom Essential Oil Blends

    I create a variety of essential oil blends including custom blends that are perfect for use as therapeutic or perfume oils, aromatherapy diffuser oils, essential oil bracelets, and even reed diffusers. Let me create some magick for you!
  • Time to Plant the Garlic!

    All you need to know about planting and harvesting your own garlic in south jersey.
  • Vintage Alchemy's Beekeepers

    I always say, know your artisan but it's equally as important for your artisan to know where they are getting their raw ingredients from. That's why it was important for me to build a personal connection with the beekeepers that were going to be supplying beeswax and honey for my Vintage Alchemy products.
  • Why I'll Never Buy from Piping Rock Again

    Piping Rock is not transparent about what goes into their fragrance oils. They refuse to produce the MSDS for their products because they aren't "legally required to do so." Their words, not mine. This lack of transparency has forced me to purchase only from companies that are transparent about what goes into their products so I can assure the safety of my ingredients.
  • How to Make Unique Soap Tops with Chopsticks

    How to make unique soap tops with chopsticks for melt and pour soap.
  • Wrapping a Custom Soap Blend

    How I wrap my handcrafted soap
  • A Word on Glycerin Soap

    Everything you ever wanted to know about using glycerin soap.