Winter Solstice and Garden Clean Up

Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice is here! It's the day where we have the least amount of daylight hours and it's truly something to celebrate!

After today, the Sun begins to return to us, granting us more of her sunshine. The days slowly begin to grow longer as the Sun overshadows the night more often and we gradually experience more hours of daylight up until the Summer Solstice.

After that, the Sun begins her decent back into slumber and the night again reclaims the sky, resulting in more hours of darkness. When we reach the Winter Solstice, we have the most hours of darkness and the cycle begins again.

With that, you can see how the Winter Solstice is something to celebrate. It's a time for rebirth and renewal. A time to shed worries and stressors. Now is a good time to take stock of your life and allow the sun to shine light on things that have been holding you back, bringing you down, and not allowing your full potential. 

It's a time to give thanks for the warmth of those around you, for those who challenge you to look within, and for gentle meditation on where your path should now lead.

For me, my garden is my happy place. Now is also a good time to do a final check to ensure it's ready for its Winter nap and to also say a little thank you for the bounty it provided.

  • Ensure sprinkler timers have been turned off or removed
  • Gutter clean up
  • Make sure all hoses are unhooked and water turned off to outside faucets
  • Check that you've mulched all perennials
  • Clean and oil your garden tools
  • Start thinking about what seeds you want to plant in Spring

~ Happy Solstice!


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