The Benefits of Lemon Oil

Lately, I've been drawn to lemon. Aside from my daily lemon water, I'm finding myself adding lemon to my aromatherapy creations and diffuser recipes. I'm adding it to hot water, cold water, carbonated water and everything in between. It just makes me feel good!

On a whim, I even decided to add a slight of touch of Lemon to my new White Rose Cold Process Soap which is part of my Handmade Soap Collection and it turned out amazing! 

While I know how lemon makes me feel, I started to wonder if there was a science behind it and was surprised at how many studies have been done on the benefits of using lemons and lemon oil. I introduce you to the magick of lemon!

What is Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil is completely natural and comes from lemon peel. The skin of the lemon is cold pressed and the oil contained within is extracted. This is one of the reasons it's important to use an Organic Lemon Essential Oil or one you know is pesticide free. You don't want a bunch of sprayed chemicals from non-organic produce bouncing around in your creations.

So let's get into the science.

Lemon May be Better than Lavender for Stress Relief

In a 2006 study, mice were exposed to three stressful events involving an elevated plus-maze task, a forced swimming task, and an open field task. The essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, and Rose were introduced with the conclusion that Lemon, above Lavender and Rose, had the most stress relieving effects. Could this mean Lemon can help with anxiety and promotes feelings of calm? Perhaps!

Lemon as an Antimicrobial

In 2019, a study was published on the effects of Frankincense, Myrtle, Thyme, Lemon, Oregano and Lavender essential oils against the bacteria of Staphylococcus aureus (Staph Infection)Enterococcus faecalisEscherichia coli (E.coli)Klebsiella pneumoniaeand Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Its results suggested Oregano, Thyme and Lemon oils may help fight antimicrobial infections. Maybe this is why we have the ancient tradition of adding Lemon to hot water when we're sick or why so many cleaning products contain lemon oil.

Lemon Oil for Skin Health

In 2017, a study looked at at least 90 different essential oils that can be recommended for use in dermatology or for the treatment of skin traumas. It found Lemon Oil may be beneficial in treating abscesses, acme, athlete's foot, blisters, boils, cellulite, corns, cuts, as an antiseptic, greasy and oily conditions, insect bites, mouth ulcers, rosacea, sores, viral infections such as cold sores, herpes, and warts, and wounds.


Plain and simple, learn to love lemon! Start by adding it to your water or tea. While there are promising studies on a variety of essential oils, it's how they make YOU feel that's equally important. If you're energy is drawn more toward Lavender than Lemon, stick with Lavender. Let your body and soul guide you. Be open and listen to what your body needs.(disclaimer alert) As always, essential oils should never replace the guidance given to you by your doctor.

Don't forget to check out my Lemon Crush lip balm made with Melissa essential oil to help with those fever blisters and cold sores.




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