It's Time for Fall Garden Clean Up!

hands holding fall leaves

Fall is my favorite time of year to be outdoors. The crisp air, the fresh breeze, the falling leaves, all speak to me. So what should you be actually doing once you get outside?

First, enjoy yourself. Be in the moment. Be appreciative for the day. Know that you're taking care of your plants, that you're getting your yard ready for all the critters to start their hunkering down process, and that you're also mentally preparing for the dark part of the year.

So what should be doing once you've grounded your energy and intention?

  • Trim your perennials back to 2-3". This is any plant that comes back year after year (perennial) as opposed to an annual which is around for one year and then done. Leave a few seed heads attached from plants like sunflowers and coneflowers for the birds.

  • If you have large gardens, it's a good idea to mark your perennials so you know where to look for them next year. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally dug up plants and bulbs because I didn't know they were there at the beginning of the season.

  • Check your plant care sheets before you do any major pruning. A lot of plants prefer to be pruned in the Spring.
  • Don't fertilize in the Fall as this can confuse plants and cause them not to prepare for winter. You can use slow release fertilizers and compost.

  • Mow instead of rake! I LOVE this one. Yes, I do mow well into the Fall season but it helps me keep up with the leaves. I have an acre property with TONS of trees. Raking would not only be back breaking but it would also rob my yard of the wonderful nutrients provided by tiny bits of decomposing leaves created by running them over with the mower. The key here is to not wait for the leaves to build up in your yard. Mow often.

Most of all, take some time to simply be. Be Present. Be Mindful. Be Appreciative. Thank the Universe for caring for you over the past year. Wish your gardens a sweet slumber and tell them that you'll see them again soon.

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