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valhalla sore muscle rub
small jar of valhalla sore muscle rub
large jar of valhalla sore muscle rub
magnesium flakes
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Valhalla | Sore Muscle Magnesium Rub

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Your sore muscles, hands and feet deserve some relief! They deserve, Valhalla! Just ask any Viking you happen to run into. Valhalla is where it's at!

Great for sore and tight muscles, restless leg syndrome, and achy hands and feet. It's a favorite of massage therapists as well.

My unique blend is packed with tons of analgesics, antispasmodics and anti-neuralgics plant-based essential oils. I've even included essential oils that stimulate blood flow, have warming effects, and others that help with muscle relaxation. Plus, my homemade Magnesium Oil gives it that little extra kiss from Oden.

It's also coupled with moisturizing ingredients to help dry skin and our locally sourced beeswax which is great for inflammation.

Here's some tidbits!

♥ Homemade Magnesium Oil – While Epsom Salt baths are a staple when it comes to muscle relief, straight Magnesium Oil is actually better absorbed by the body.

♥ Beeswax: Great for inflammation!

♥ Basil: Is an antispasmodic which is good for deep muscle pain and muscle spasms.

♥ Black Pepper & Rosemary: Both are analgesics, which is good for pain relief. They are also both antispasmodics and have warming properties which increase blood flow to effected areas. To truly activate the heating properties of these oils, I recommend always massaging the rub into the affected area for several minutes.

♥ Clove: Is an analgesic, antispasmodic and anti-neuralgic which alleviates pain along the nerves. It’s also great for stimulating blood flow.

♥ Bergamot, Lavender, & Vetiver: Are analgesics, antispasmodics and have additional relaxing properties.

♥ Sandalwood & Frankincense: Both have sedative qualities to help muscles relax.

Comes in two sizes!