solid dish soap starter kit in white
Organic Solid Dish Soap Block | Starter Kit | Avail Feb. 14
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Organic Solid Dish Soap Block | Starter Kit | Avail Feb. 14

Organic Solid Dish Soap Block | Starter Kit | Avail Feb. 14

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Did you know that according to National Geographic, 91% of the plastics we use, aren't recycled. You read that right.... 91%. Plus, it takes 500 to 1000 years for plastics to decompose. Those facts are just staggering and it was information that wasn't sitting well with me.

As I looked around my home, I started to try and make small changes where I could. This led me to create a recipe for Solid Dish Soap.

Little did I know when I started using Solid Dish Soap that it would also save me money since the bars lasted at least 4x longer than traditional liquid soap!

Coupled with the fact that it generates more lather, doesn't harm our environment, is plastic free and zero waste, and isn't made with petroleum like liquid soap, it was a win-win!

Did you know liquid dish soap was made with petroleum? I didn't until I started to research it! Yes, even Dawn who cleaned up all those adorable ducks is actually made with the same material that harmed them in the first place.

It's now my pleasure to bring my Solid Dish Soap to my Vintage Alchemy family in the hopes that you too can make another small move away from plastic and come to love using Solid Dish Soap as much as I do.

Since the formula for dish soap is very different from regular soap, this soap shouldn't be used as a body soap. This soap is also formulated for hand washing only and should never be used in dishwashers.

My Starter Kit contains everything you need to make the switch to Solid Dish Soap. You'll receive a white ceramic soap dish, a small cedar soap lift to keep your soap dry between visits, a bamboo dish brush, and a 7.5oz solid dish soap block. 

Going forward, you can purchase all pieces separately as needed by simply searching Solid Dish Soap. When your soap gets low, just buy a new one with my handy refills. 

Plastic Free - Saves Money - More Lather - Petroleum Free - Eco Friendly - Zero Waste - Saves Money - Palm Free - Antibacterial