Rose Quartz | Love

Rose Quartz | Love

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Rose Quartz is the heart stone. It represents love, compassion, tenderness, healing, and peace.

It works not only to attract new love in your life but also solidify your current relationships, creating deeper and stronger bonds between people.

It can also aid in healing relationships that have been broken and can provide you with the compassion needed to move past emotional damage.

It can even serve as a reminder to love yourself.

Consider giving it as a gift to someone you care about.

Mantra when focusing on  your Rose Quartz.

“Allow my heart to be open so that I may give and receive love.”

Not feeling its power anymore?

Time to cleanse it! Smudge your crystal with sage or run it under clean water.
Have a river or stream nearby? Even better! Allow it to dry in the sun.

Comes in a small, black gauze bag, complete with tiny, paper scroll filled with the information you see here. 

Comes in 2 sizes: Pocket size is perfect to keep with you at all times while House size is great for around your home.