Palo Santo Smudge Sticks | Pack of 5-8 (3oz)

Palo Santo Smudge Sticks | Pack of 5-8 (3oz)

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Palo Santo is considered a sacred tree that grows in Central and South America. Wood from this tree is used in these areas much like Sage is used in North America.

It's believed that smudging with Palo Santo sticks can aid in improving your mood, relieving stress and even improving your sleep. It supports bringing positivity to your person and your home while creating an uplifting atmosphere around you. While Sage is great for removing negativity, Palo Santo helps replace it with positive vibes.

Packs are between 5-8 sticks totally around 3oz.

To use Palo Santo Sticks, simply light the end and blow it out quickly to create a smoldering smoke. This smoke can then be directed around your body and into the space you wish to cleanse by simply waving your hand in front of it or directing it with a feather.

Always make sure the smoldering stick has some sort of bowl under it while lit to catch any falling ashes or embers. Abalone shells are great for this but any vessel will do.

Before you begin to cleanse your space, set your mind to your intention. Personally, I smudge my house once a week and my property once a month. My intention is always to push negative energy away from my space.

I feel it's also best to open windows when you smudge to allow any negative energy to leave your home and to ensure you aren't breathing in the smoke directly. You can use a mantra if you'd like. It doesn't need to be said out loud if you aren't comfortable. I've used the same one for years that speaks to me, "Anything negative must go. Only love and light may remain." 

I pay special attention to areas where negative energy can coalesce like corners, closets, and under the steps if you have open stairs. 

When you're done with your smudging ritual, make sure the stick is fully extinguished. You can then save the rest of it for next time.

Remember that smudging is sacred and should always be treated with respect and positive intentions.

My palo santo is sourced from a Peruvian community that collects and cuts it by hand but who also is active in conservation efforts. It is taken only from fallen trees.

Each stick bundle comes with an instruction card.