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Explore my unique varieties of incense sticks made only with the highest quality fragrance oils. Hand dipped and made in small batches. Perfect for altars, rituals, and ceremonies but also great as a home aromatic.

10 Pack


Deep Musk starts with a musk base that floats into aromas of florals and woods. 

English Garden will remind you of full bloom Gardenias, with top notes of Lemon Peel. Rose Petals, and Tuberose.

Moon Flower is a light, powdery, floral fragrance that's best used for settling in for the night. It has a serene vibe of cottage gardens.

Orange Blossom is a floral, orange blossom fragrance.

Rain Water has a fresh, floral fragrance blend of lily and rose petals in an airy and sandalwood base. 

Refreshing Citrus is a citrus twist with notes of Sweet Orange, Clementine, Lemon, and a hint of Vanilla.

Spiced Apple has a warm cinnamon base with fresh apple notes.

Strawberry Guava is a fruit fusion of Strawberries and Guava coupled with Vanilla, Passionfruit, and Mango. 

Vanilla Bean combines the earthiness of Sandalwood with the sweetness of Vanilla Bean.

Wood Nymph has an earthy Patchouli base that then floats through juniper, oak, and cedar. It has a vibe of the wilderness where your soul can run free.

Burn Time

Approx 1 hour