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Black Obsidian | Grounding

Black Obsidian | Grounding

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Black Obsidian has intense grounding abilities while also being extremely protective. It works to shield you from negative energy but also is a great conduit to help you release negativity that you may be carrying.

This stone is very helpful while meditating as it can enhance physic visions and boost intuitive gifts.

It can also make you aware of things in your life that need to be addressed and potentially changes within yourself that need to be made. Nothing will remain hidden when Obsidian is about. Through this deep level of self understanding, a deeper level of grounding can be achieved.

Rough cut Black Obsidian is extremely sharp and should be handled with caution at all times.

Mantra when focusing on  your Black Obsidian.

“Wash away that which no longer serves me. Help me see the truth and that which may be holding me back. Protect me as I delve deeper into myself and help me heal what I find.”

Not feeling its power anymore?

Time to cleanse it! Smudge your crystal with sage or run it under clean water.
Have a river or stream nearby? Even better! Allow it to dry in the sun.

Comes in a small, black gauze bag, complete with tiny, paper scroll filled with the information you see here. 

Comes in 2 sizes: Pocket size is perfect to keep with you at all times while House size is great for around your home.