Why You Need a Kitchen Dish Soap Block

Organic Solid Dish Soap

Organic Kitchen Dish Soap Blocks are one of my best selling products. Made from organic coconut and castor oil, solid dish soaps clean better, lather more, cost less, and are plastic free.

Natural and Organic

Did you know that liquid dish soaps are made primarily with water and chemicals? My kitchen dish soap blocks are made with organic oils that are formulated specifically for cleaning dishes. They don't leave any oily residue behind, they produce a ton of lather, and they clean great. If you'd prefer a 100% natural option with no fragrance oils, I even sell an Unscented variety. They are also Vegan!

Cleans Better

Customers are always amazed at how well solid dish soaps clean! You will certainly be impressed by its ability to lather so much better than its liquid opponent. I've used my dish soap blocks on everything from greasy pans to dirty cutting boards. You name it, I've cleaned it. My cousin even reached out to me to say how impressed she was that her block cleaned her greasy air fryer with ease!

Cost Less

While the upfront cost of a kitchen soap bar may seem expensive, they last a LONG time.. like months. Typically, soap bars last 4x longer than traditional liquid detergent. They can be pushed even further if you use them with sponges instead of scrub brushes. Plus, you're paying for all soap, not water weight. You'll also use a lot less since soap bars are highly concentrated and produce lots of lather if formulated correctly. It ends up being much cheaper to go with solid dish soap that to choose a liquid variety. 

Plastic Free

Let's face it, there are so many times when we don't have a plastic free option. Place an order online, it comes covered in plastic. Order take out? Plastic containers! It's just everywhere. While I know I can't eliminate it all out of my life, I do take any steps I can to try to live more in harmony with nature, respecting our planet, and trying to do my small part in helping her heal. When you purchase a kitchen dish soap block, there is no plastic bottle that's going to end up in a landfill or in our waterways. 

Petroleum Free

Another thing that irks me about liquid dish soap is that it's petroleum based. Want another way to reduce your dependence on petroleum? Here ya go! Liquid detergents like D*wn, are made with petroleum. You read that right, the same company that cleaned up all those little ducks with their detergent also uses the product that created the problem in the first place. No thanks.

So Why Does Everyone Use Liquid Dish Soap

There's a few reasons why you won't see solid dish soap blocks in the grocery store or being mass produced.

One is the cost. If I can add a small amount of detergent, then fill the bottle the rest of the way with water, I make a huge profit. There is no soap in liquid dish detergent. It's detergent. 100% a chemical. It's the same reason I don't make liquid lotions or liquid hand soaps.

Dish soap blocks are actual soap, made with oils and lye. Think about the cost of vegetable oils like Olive. It cuts into businesses profits to go this route, hence, it's not a good business decision. Aren't we all glad I'm a terrible business woman? LOL! Shark Tank would throw me right out!

Another reason is advertising and marketing. Remember a second ago when I mentioned those adorable ducks being cleaned with D*wn? Marketing and advertising go a long way when it comes to consumer choices. It pulls on our heart strings and we immediately feel like this company is doing their part to help the environment.

Lastly, I think a lot of it comes down to education. Whenever I consider putting one of my products in the shop, I always come to the same dilemma. How am I going to SHOW people how to use this? It's one reason why I don't offer wholesale anymore. My products don't "sell themselves" so they aren't retail friendly. Since many people don't know how to use natural products, they just opt for the option they are comfortable with. I often have to decide whether I want to add a chemical or educate my customers. I have and always will choose to educate.

With that, I made a video! As you'll see, I'm not good at this so please be kind. This product warranted an actual video over my normal long drawn out instructions. I sell both Starter Kits and Soap Refills! I hope you enjoy it and I hope you make the switch today! 

Next batch will be available March 18th so Mark Your Calendar!


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