Why I'll Never Buy from Piping Rock Again

Before I launched Vintage Alchemy, I often purchased my essential oils from a company called Piping Rock. They always had amazing prices which should have tipped me off but I was blinded by their website claims that their products are independently tested, yada, yada, yada. 

I wish I had just read, "yada, yada.." as I would have most definitely searched for another vendor. 

While making custom blends for friends, I was often asked where I get my oils from and I was always happy to tell them Piping Rock knowing they would get decent prices and fast shipping. I never questioned the quality of the oils as they always seemed fine when they arrived. Their color, scent, and consistency was always what I would expect for that particular oil so there was nothing to really tip me off. 

Until... Once I opened Vintage Alchemy, I quickly realized that essential oils aren't always the best option for certain products. For products, such as candles, I'm a proponent of using the very best synthetic fragrance oils that are formulated to be burned. I know there's a lot of controversy about using essential oils in candles and opinions abound but for me, I'd like to err on the side of caution and not burn oils that aren't specifically formulated to be burned. The chance of releasing toxic chemicals from burning essential oils is just not worth the risk for me. Maybe when we know more, I'll change my mind.

With that, I realized that once you step into the realm of using synthetic fragrance oils in any product, you run the risk of it containing some pretty bad things. This set me on a search to know EXACTLY what was in each fragrance oil I was potentially choosing for my products.

This is actually a pretty easy task. Every company I've worked with is more than willing to provide me with what's called a MSDS, or Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet. This sheet provides health and safety information about the product including any substances or chemicals that are classified as hazardous or dangerous contained within. It allows me to take a look at the product on an in depth level before deciding to use it in one of MY products. This seems like a no-brainer.

I check each and every MSDS for any fragrances I use in my products. I turn them away for all sorts of reasons that aren't just health oriented but even those that are harmful to our environment and aquatic life. It's part of the reason there are some custom fragrance blends, that I just refuse to make. Trust me, your health, the health of our planet, and our animal and aquatic life just aren't worth you having an Apple Berry Punch candle. Sorry? Not sorry.

But back to my Piping Rock story...

I decided to give Piping Rock a try regarding their fragrance oils since I felt their essential oils haven't given me any concern. My first tip that something was wrong was that they don't automatically have the MSDS listed on their website with the product. Every other company I'd ever purchased from has this sheet right ON the product page. I've never even had to ask for it before. The other suppliers I've worked with are incredibly transparent. It's more like.. "Here's the sheet. Buy it if you want it." Which gives ME the choice on whether I want to put those chemicals into my products or not. (Side note: I don't know how any creator, after reading those sheets, could EVER put certain oils into a product.. but I digress...again...)

So back to Piping Rock... When I didn't see the MSDS posted, I reached out to their customer service department to ask for it. I was told straight out that they don't provide them, that LEGALLY they don't have to, and that they would not issue them out to the public for ANY product. WHAT!? Talk about a lack of transparency! I was in total shock.

The rep went on to tell me that because they sell to the public and that the public "Isn't inhaling these products for over 40 hours a week", that they didn't have to and weren't going to supply this information. When I explained that I'm a manufacturer of goods and I DO have the potential to inhale these products 40 hours a week while creating, I was told again that they didn't have to disclose this information and they weren't going to. 

I was literally in shock. 

With that, I will never again buy ANY product from Piping Rock. I'm glad they showed their true colors before Vintage Alchemy got off  the ground so that I could source new vendors that I trusted. As I dug deeper, I saw all the negative reviews, the BBB rating, and the complaints. This company stays in business due to a lack of education by their consumers and their draw of low prices. Sure, their essential oils may be just fine but without trust in a company, whose to know? I just won't take this risk.

Many creators simply don't care. That's evident in the fact that some of the oils I've seen out there are insanely toxic, yet still on the market for producers to buy. Some creators are driven solely by the market. If a customer wants a toxic Apple Berry Punch candle, they'll make it for them. This is just something I can't do. 

I want my customers to know how much time I spend on my products behind the scenes, screening the ingredients, testing, testing, testing, ensuring I know exactly what's going into the products I sell. You can rest assured that if you don't want to take the time to research every chemical compound that goes into my ingredient list, that I've already done it for you. If I wouldn't put it in my home or on my skin, I won't ask you to purchase it. 

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