See How It's Made

I started making videos of me creating my products as a way for me to document my personal journey with Vintage Alchemy. It wasn't until friends started asking me how I made my creations, that it dawned on me that other people might be interested in seeing how my products are made as well. 

Now, I'm not a technical person. I often struggle with how to create and edit videos. Forget about asking me to consider proper lighting, best angles, and overall professional production. It's just me, with my cellphone and a phone stand, in my farmhouse kitchen.

I've recently figured out that I can upload short, under 1 minute, videos to my products pages so you can see how that product is made. For example, check out my Bohemian Heart Essential Oil Soap. Here, I have a video of me pouring this particular soap, showing how to make swirls with a Glycerin base and another video with me cutting the actual batch. 

I also managed to upload a video of me making my Black Tea and Bergamot Cold Process Soap. This creation is part of my newly launched Farmhouse Soap Collection!

While I won't be able to make videos of everything I create, I do think it's beneficial for you to see the process. I want you to be on this journey with me! If you're purchasing a particular product, I want you to be connected to it in that magickal way I always talk about.

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