A Word on Glycerin Soap

handcrafted artisan soap with eucalyptusDid you know that glycerin draws moisture from the air? Therefore, glycerin in soap helps draw moisture to your skin and helps with hydration. Commercial companies that mass produce soap remove the glycerin so they can sell it to other industries, thereby increasing their profits. They are essentially removing the moisturizing factor from their soaps! All my soaps retain their beneficial, hydrating glycerin to improve your skin.

How to Store Your Glycerin Soap

Since glycerin soap pulls moisture from the air, you shouldn’t unwrap your soap until you’re ready to use it. 

Once you're using your new soap, it's recommended that it not be stored in a dish that collects water. This will greatly reducing its life. Always make sure the soap sits where it can dry out between uses. 

Soap Saver Bags are the Answer

My exfoliating soap saver bags are a great option for using and storing your glycerin soap. They are made from natural ramie fibers which are highly sustainable.

Using the soap while in the bag creates a wonderful exfoliating experience. They work just like a plastic shower scrub but so much better for the environment. 

You then just hang it in your shower between uses. As your soap gets low inside the bag, simply pop in another and they will bind together. You’ll never waste an ounce of soap! You'll want to use a new bag every 4 weeks.




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