Gather Leaves to Get Rewards

One of my most rewarding experiences as a child was hiking with my mother in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. We would walk the trails together, gathering different kinds of leaves along the way. 

Once we got back, we would identify each leaf and press them into books. It's one of those memories that brings me pure joy.

This story is what's inspired my new Rewards Program for Vintage Alchemy customers. Since I consider you a Kindred Spirit, I thought you too would appreciate why I've named my new reward currency, "Leaves". With every purchase you make, you'll be able to gather Leaves which can then be redeemed for discounts on your next order.

Ways to Gather Leaves

  • For every $1 you spend, you'll gather 5 Leaves
  • Like Vintage Alchemy on Facebook and gather 50 Leaves
  • Share a Vintage Alchemy product on Facebook and gather 50 Leaves
  • Follow Vintage Alchemy on Instagram and gather 50 Leaves
  • Add your birthday to your account and you'll gather 200 Leaves on your special day
  • Return any used candle jar or candle tin with lids and you'll gather 50 Leaves for each

How to Redeem Your Leaves

You'll notice a small green package at the bottom of every page on my website. Simply log into your account to view or redeem your Leaves. For every 100 Leaves you gather, you'll get $1 off your next order. For anyone math challenged like myself, for every $20 you spend, you'll get $1 off your next order. By gathering leaves you're saving 5%!

For Likes, Follows, and Shares

If you intend on Liking, Following, and Sharing through Social Media, you'll have to ensure you go through the Vintage Alchemy website in order to gather leaves.

For Likes on Facebook and Follows on Instagram, simply click the social media icons at the very bottom of any Vintage Alchemy website page. 

For Sharing a product, you'll need to use the social media icons on the product page itself, much like you see below.

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