Dish Soaps Get Their Own Collection

It's been a delight to see my Solid Kitchen Dish Soap Blocks do so well in the shop. I love that people are making the switch from petroleum based liquid detergents over to plastic free, no waste solid dish soap. 

My dish soaps have been so popular that I've decided to list them in their own collection on the website. No longer will you have to use the search bar and sift through anything that contained the words "dish" and "soap" in it!

Now, you can simply browse the Dish Soap Collection!

This new collection not only breaks out Dish Soap Accessories, but it also lists each Dish Soap Refill fragrance separately. This way, I can add a bit more detail about the fragrance blend and also makes it easy for you to see if a particular fragrance is sold out.

Now, I can also list any refills that are Currently Curing so you can see what's coming down the pike.

Lastly, anytime one of my products is super popular, it enables me to create more of them, resulting in my ability to purchase ingredients in higher quantities. This means lower costs for me, which translates into lower costs for you. I mean, we're family after all and I do this because I love it. Now, you'll see lower prices on all products in the Dish Soap Collection as well! 

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